Constancy And Perseverance


More than 10 years of experience have passed when in 2009 the Aguilera Server marriage, due to their business concerns and being experts in foreign marketing, decide to focus their efforts on what we could call their “great passion”. Wines.

An exquisite palate unites this couple able to detect an excellent product quality / price ratio and provide it with a special and unique aesthetic beauty to create a very positive impact on the consumers.

Due to their constancy and perseverance, today, the marriage is still immersed in different projects to export the vast and detailed selection of its products to the rest of the world.

Rigor, Taste And Dedication


A&V Drinks is a company specialized in the export of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages worldwide. Designed with great rigor, taste and dedication both in the elaboration of the product and in the final aesthetic. Since its inception with M&G wines, Castillo de Rossi and Don Vigo, they have been selling top quality products with an exponential growth of more than 20 different references today.

Currently A&V Drinks exports to various countries on 3 continents with the aim of opening new markets, offering products exclusively to distributors or wholesalers with the concern of offering its consumers an extraordinary product for the final customer.

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